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Tianjin Port Customs Clearance Agent for Personal Effects

Seahog Tianjin is an expert customs agent of personal effects. We have been providing fast, reliable and convenient Tianjin customs clearance services in this section for over 16 years.

Well, what documents are required for personal effects Tianjin customs clearance?
1. Passport - Original COPY
2. Work permit - Original COPY
3. customs seal - original copy(only require  for foreigners)
4. detailed packing list - with your signature
5. Statement - Seahog will provide example forms
6. Authority Letter for non-trading articles customs declaration agency- seahog will provide example forms
7. A4 paper, 6 pieces, each with your signature on it.
8. D/O - original copy
9. B/L - photo copy

What documents you need to provide to Seahog, if you need Seahog help you collect D/O?
2. Telex release guarantee with your signature. Seahog will provide you example form of the guarantee letter.
3. your passport copy(page with your photo) with your signature.

What you shall prepare for to customs seal?
1. D/O original copy
2. passport - original copy and photocopy
3. work permit- original copy and photocopy
4. the application form for import/export of articles for personal use.(Seahog will provide the form )
5. the telex release B/L copy
6. the signed article list
7. we suggest you bring your residence permit and its photo copy as well, in case customs requires it.
8. a Chinese friend, to help you when you need to fill in Chinese?

How customs seal looks like?
As pictured

Which customs you shall go for customs seals?
The local customs where your work permit or residence permit is issued?

Can you provide actual photos of personal effects being cleared?
As pictured

If you have any further questions regarding personal effects Tianjin customs clearance, please contact us directly.