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Tianjin Port Strengths The Inspection and Quarantine on Imported Food

It was reported that Tianjin CIQ is strengthening the inspection and quarantine on imported food, so as to guarantee the quality and safety of food imported via Tianjin port, and thus protect the rights, interests and health of consumers.

In August,2014 , Tianjin Dongjiang CIQ found that 60 barrels of bulk beer had exceeded expiration date. The detected beer, involving two product names, was 20 L/ barrel, totally 1200L. According to national Food Safety law, imported food that exceeds shelf life is not allowed to enter domestic market for sales or use, CIQ thus destroyed the expired beer.

Tianjin CIQ takes strong measures and executes ¡°intensive inspection + whole process supervision ¡± mode on key sensitive imported food including dairy products, meat, red wine, baby and infant food. They enhance the field inspection on commodity. The container number, the seal number, Chinese label, production date, and shelf life are the key sections of their inspection. Tianjin CIQ has zero tolerance of unqualified food, ensuring every batch of unqualified food is returned, destroyed or changed technically.

In addition, Tianjin CIQ also works closely with port departments to severely blow the illegal behavior to escape inspection and quarantine.

Recently, Tianjin CIQ totally inspected and quarantined 29701 batches of imported, with 3.181 billion us dollars. Therein, 6913 batches were found unqualified. The unqualified food involved biscuits, cakes, honey, meet, kitchen dressings, edible oil and other categories. The unqualified sections mainly included unqualified label,  excessive use of food additives, virulent microbials, pesticide residue, veterinary drug residue, and so on. Tianjin CIQ required the declaration unit to modify the unqualified labels of imported food, and returned or destroy imported food that was unqualified in safety and sanitary sections.

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