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How to Handle Guangzhou Airport Customs Clearance for Personal Effects?

Seahog Guangzhou is an expert customs agent in helping clients clear personal effect. Seahog ensure professional and fast customs clearance in Guangzhou airports for personal effects.

How fast Seahog can clear your personal effects?
Two working days, if all required documents are correctly provided, and if no banned items are contained in the shipments.

How to arrange shipment of personal effects to China?
1. make sure the shipper and the consignee name are exactly name of the personal effects owner t. Otherwise, trouble is waiting for you.
2. prepare before arrange shipment so as to ensure the packing list are correctly and accurately prepared. Please note that China customs may confiscate the items that are not shown in the packing list.
3. Ensure you, personal effects owner, arrive China before shipment? Why? See below:

What documents will be needed for personal effects clearance in Guangzhou airport?

1.Original passport, work permit, residence permit, or other certificates that proves that you stay in China is legal.
2.Packing list, listing the commodity name, the quantity, the total value of each item
3.The air waybill and the arrival notice

Does China customs collect taxes on personal effects? Is there any actual figures?
It depends.
 Normally, China customs collects few or no taxes on personal effects, especially those old and used.
But for specific goods , for example high-value bicycle, camera, golf clubs, mattress , the taxes are high.

Below are actual cases handled by Seahog and figures for your reference.
Guangzhou airport collected RMB200 from a used nikon camera, and RMB3600 from 12 pieces used golf clubs from Canada.
Tianjin customs collected RMB100 for a mattress from Pakistan
Shanghai customs collected RMB600 from a used bicycle from USA

If you have any further question regarding personal effects Customs clearance in Guangzhou, or you need a detailed quotation, please contact us directly.