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What Should Be Prepared When Send Personal Items to China via Couriers Services

When you send personal items to Chinese mainland through courier services like Fedex, DHL, UPS, TNT, and SF, you shall pay attention to below points and get prepared in advance.

Firstly, you should take note of exact name, quantity, price, country of origin of each item. If possible, keep purchase receipts or invoices of the subject items. If the items were bought online, keep the online order info and links of each item. By doing so, you will feel much confident in case that the package is stuck or held at one certain airport of Chinese mainland. 

Secondly, if you do not want to the package to be taxed or to be held by China customs, you shall keep the weight and value within the limits as regulated by China customs, and you shall consult a customs broker in China or a Chinese friend what items are forbidden to entry into Chinese mainland to avoid troubles.

Thirdly, if the package contains food, please control the quantity reasonable for personal use or at least reasonable as company samples. If you are not sure how to control, better write an receiving address in Yangtze River Delta or in areas neighboring Yangze River Delta. By doing so, the package will enter into China via Shanghai Pudong Airport which is friendly to packages with food when the quantity or value is found exceeding. Shenzhen airport, Guangzhou airport, Beijing airport and Chengdu airport are not that easy for packages with exceeding food. Customs at these airport will request documents that individuals are not able to provide for customs clearance, and the subject packages will end up being returned or be destroyed. 

Seahog is a very experienced customs agent in China for stuck courier packages and parcels. If your package is held, we are the right agent for you. We will help you sort out necessary info of each item for declaration, and prepare required documents, and provide the needed company title and import license. And our services are available at all airports as mentioned above. Most important, we offer efficient China customs clearance agency and competitive prices.