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How to Import Used Equipment and Second-hand Machines from Hong Kong to Mainland China

Professional used mechanical equipment import company, 16-year experience as a China customs broker in used mechanical  and electrical products import field,  provide Hong Kong to China old equipment import customs declaration, second-hand machine Hong Kong CCIC agency, old machines import customs clearance, warehouse and transportation.  

Seahog International Logistics Co. Ltd, headquartered in Shanghai, has ten branches located in Tianjin, Qingdao, Ningbo, Suzhou, Xiamen, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Duanguan, and connects to Zhuhai, Zhongshan, Foshan, Shunde, Fuzhou, Wenzhou, Taicang, Lianyungang, Yantai and Dalian and other main ports. Seahog has fully integrated the import logistics resources including container transportation, barge, customs, import and export right, supervised warehouse, transmit warehouse, trucking, and OOG in its 16-year operation. By rich experience and resources and excellent team work, Seahog has serviced thousands of happy clients and earned great industry reputation.

Here today, Seahog introduce how to operate used/old/second hand machine China imports:

The import route: arrange shipment - Hong Kong Dock - CCIC warehouse - pre-shipment inspection - obtain automatic import license - barge - destination port - customs clearance - release - delivery  

The required documents: packing list, commercial invoice, certificate of origin,  specifications, B/L, power of attorney for commercial inspection declaration and customs declaration.
And detailed information of the machines: product name, model, weight, specification, value, place of manufacturing, usage, new and old conditions, packing method and phots.

The involving charge of used machine imports:
Hong Kong sections: document exchange fee, dock charges, pick up charge, warehouse charge, CCIC charges, transit fee
Customs Clearance sections: import duty, value added tax, dock charges, document exchanges, customs declaration and clearance charges, archival filing fee, import license fee, handling fee and and agency fee.

The operation time frame
1.Archival filing for imported used machines and obtain the Archival filing certificate - 7 days
2.Sea freight to Hong Kong
3.Hong Kong dock doc exchange and pick up - one day
4.Hong Kong CCIC inspection and obtain pre-shipment inspection and quarantine certificate - five days
5. Obtain automatic import license - 14 days
6.Hong Kong barge or transit transportation - 1-5 days
7.Customs declaration and clearance - 5 days

Required materials for archival filing for imported used machines
1.Application form
2. Inventory list of the imported used machines , in triplicate, with buyer¡¯s official seal
3. Pre-shipment inspection and quarantine certificate with buyer¡¯s official seal
4. Sale contract with both sides¡¯ official seal
5. B/L with both sides¡¯ official seal
6.Photos of the machines ( front photo and nameplate photo for each machine, with buyer¡¯s  official seal)
Seahog International Logistics Co. Ltd, customize the most economic and efficient import solution for used/second-hand/old machine imports, using its 16-year experience and a huge import service network.  Seahog ensures you a safe, fast and smooth customs clearance.