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Shenzhen Airport Customs Broker Services For Instruments and Electronic Products

SeaHog International Logistics Co., Ltd  is a China customs broker company with import and export right approved by and registered at Bureau of Foreign Trade and China Customs. Since 1997, the year we were established, We have been providing customs declaration and customs clearance services for individual, traders, manufacturers, companies, enterprises of different nature and sizes, with or without import right. We have complete service network that covers all main ports of China, and sound import service system, specialists highly experienced in this field and so we are able to provide professional and differentialized customs clearance for a wide range of products at fast speed yet at low costs. In additional we have long term agency relationship with world famous courier companies like UPS, FedEx, DHL and TNT, and large airlines.

In shenzhen, our services are available in Yantian, Shekou, Huanggang, Man Kam To, Shenzhen Bay, Mawan Port, and Shenzhen airport for mechanical and electrical products, equipment and machines, food,drinks and beverage, chemicals and cosmetics, personal effects, Spare parts courier packages, precise instruments,  electronic products, hardware, used articles, exhibition items, seafood and fresh flowers and many others - as long as not prohibited from importing.

Our customs clearance in Shenzhen airport is quite fast. For general cargoes, it takes three working days to get it done as long as the required documents are well prepared and the goods itself has no problem. We provide import title/right for clients that does not hold it. Plus, we can arrange warehouse, delivery services if required.