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Shangdong Port Returned 7 Batches of Unqualified Imported Grape Wine

On Sep 27,28, Seahog, as a professional China customs agent of over 16 year, learned from Shangdong CIQ that, up to now, Shangdong had imported 42740000 liters grape wine so far this year, with a total value of 88 million us dollars, decreasing by 17% and 24% respectively on a year-on-year basis. Meanwhile, Shangdong CIQ returned 7 batches of grape wine that was not qualified in safety and sanitary projects, and supervise enterprises to modify products that were not qualified in package, label and other sections.

Seahog, as a China import customs clearance agent of grape wine, remind consumers pay attention to below aspects when purchasing imported grape wine.
1.Get the sanitary certificate(or the copy) issued by CIQ from the seller and check if the certificate information is consistent with product information.
2.Read the Chinese label carefully to check if the label contains product names, ingredient or material label,alcohol content, net content, country (region)of origin, name and address of the dealer, production date, shelf life and other information.

If the seller cant provide official sanitary certificate,or the Chinese label is not up to standards, the related grape wine is not legally-imported products.