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Shenzhen Port Detected Exceeding Preservative in Imported Wines

As disclosed by Shenzhen CIQ,  inspection and quarantine officers detected preservative sorbic acid from two grape wine samples of Greece and Spain, the contents exceeded national standards by 23% and 17% respectively. This was the first time that CIQ found exceeding  preservative in grape wine imported from these two countries.

Sorbic acid is a common preservative. During the processing or grape wine, the adding of sorbic acid helps to ensure the cleanliness and sanitation of equipment and containers. Meanwhile, it work as a bacteriostat and sterilization to the microorganism during processing. Adding sorbic acid will increase the production costs, and will slightly affect flavor of grape wine. Long-term drinking of grade wine containing exceeding sorbic acid, will restrain growing of bones to some extent, and will threat heath of kidney and liver.

Shenzhen CIQ officers told us, from 2014 to March.20, 2015, they detected 105 wine samples containing preservative from total 1238 imported wine samples. The adding rate was 8.5%. Therein 6 samples were found unqualified because of exceeding preservatives. The unqualified rate was 0.48%. And before 2014, Shenzhen port did not detect any  disqualification case for preservatives. It suggests that the preservative problem in imported wines, especially in mid-end and low-end wines, could not be ignored. (This news was selected and translated by Seahog - China Customs Clearance Agent  )