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 Used Equipment Shanghai Import Customs Clearance Services

What Seahog Focus on?
1.One-Stop China Customs Clearance & Import Logistics Services for Used Equipment, Used Machines, Second-hand productions line
2.Customs Clearance Logistics for imported food & drinks, chemicals & cosmetics, logs and timber
3.Door to door, port to door, customs clearance only solutions for excess baggage, exhibition items, bulk cargoes, sundry goods, personal effects,

We professionally handle China import customs clearance,pre-shipment inspection registration, import license,  and provide comprehensive import logistics services for all kinds of used equipment, used machines, second-hand production lines that are sold to or transferred to China because of transformation, shut-down,  factory-relocation or simply sell&buy. We accept equipment/machine shipped by sea FCL, LCL and by air

 If you would like to get detailed solution, please send us the exact commodity names , model, place of origin, date of production, dimensions, weight, quantity, new and old condition, the purchase value, and the current value, the front photo, the left side photo, the right photo, and the name plate photo of the relevant equipment(s) to us .

We will check and confirm the Chinese HS code, the supervision conditions, whether CCC certificate is required, and the relevant registration & commodity inspection departments once we get the above mentioned details.

It requires to do CCIC pre-shipment on used/second-hand equipment(s) before shipment. Our company can arrange that for shipper/consignee.

When it comes to commodity inspection at port of destination, it requires to provide below materials: bill of lading, CCIC certificate, packing list, invoice, sales contract, the business license of the consignee company(photocopy, with official seal )

For specific equipment(s). Automatic import license is required for customs clearance purpose.  To obtain the automatic import license, the below materials shall be well-prepared: application form for import of mechanical and electrical products, test report of the used equipment(provided by the seller), business license of the consignee(photocopy), approval permit( if the consignee is a foreign funded company), registration form(if the consignee is a domestic company), photocopy of the sales contract. If the equipment to be imported is within the scope of investment amount, Tax Exemption Form Equipment List shall be provided