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Food Products Importation to Shanghai- The Customs Clearance Requirements You Should Know

Founded in 1997, Seahog Logistics holds a huge service network that covers Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Qingdao, Ningbo, Suzhou, Xiamen, Dongguan and Hong Kong.

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As one of the biggest China import customs clearing agent, Seahog¡¯s 300-person team focus on import logistics, including import air/sea freight, customs clearance, commodity inspection, warehouse, transportation, documentation, CCIC inspection agency, registration, import license, and other
The food import customs clearance in China is one of our main business sections.

Food China import customs clearance, China customs declaration of imported food, customs clearing procedures of food import, Chinese label registration of imported food

The documents required for Chinese label registration include: original labels and their Chinese translation, Chinese labels, photocopy of the consignee¡¯s business license. It takes around 4 to 7 working days to get the registration done.

Required documents for China customs clearance of imported food are listed as follows:
1. certificate of origin-official,
2. heath certificate(or sanitary certificate, or certificate of free sales)-official
3. ingredient analysis report by third-party lab,
4. nutrient facts test report by third party lab,
5. packaging certificate by manufacturer,
6. bottling date certificate by manufacturer
7. original Labels and their Chinese translation,
8. packing list,
9. invoice,
10. sales contract,
11. scan copy of your Chinese consignee's business license
12. B/L
13. In case that the food products contain tiny plant or fruit pieces, phytosanitary certificate is required

Customs Declaration and Commodity inspection declaration
After shipment arrival, our company will exchange document and declare commodity inspection and declare customs. Within 5 to 7 days, customs will issue tax bills.

Inspection and Release
After the taxes are paid, customs will release the cargo in 2 days

Legal commodity inspection
The cargo will be moved into customs controlled warehouse after customs release. CIQ officers will come to do sampling test. And the test result will come out in 14 working day. If the samples pass the test, CIQ will issue Chinese sanitary certificate, which means the imported food can be enter China market.