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Guangzhou Airport Customs Clearance Agent for Importation Shipments

SeaHog Logistics, well-knowm Guangzhou customs declaration house, provide professional customs clearance for air cargoes, postal parcels and international courier parcels, and detailed guidance of the clearing procedures and document preparation at guangzhou airport .

The customs declaration procedures at Guangzhou airport

1.Cargo handling
After shipment arrival,  Freight depot will sort out and check the cargoes. In case of broken or shortage situation, freight deport will assist consignee to trace with or make claims  against relevant airline.

2.Arrival notice
Freight depot inform consignee shown on the airway bill to collect D/O for customs declaration.  

3.Customs declaration

Customs Clearance Agent in Guangzhou airport declares commodity inspection and customs on behalf of the consignee with required documents (packing list, invoice, are sales contract  are basic required documents

CIQ and customs will examine the documents, issue tax bills, collect taxes, and release shipment after inspections

4. Pick up goods and arrange delivery
The basic customs declaration fees include: airport charges, customs declaration fee, commodity inspection fee, CIQ charge, taxes, inspection fees, delivery fee, and agency fee.

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