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Guangzhou Airport Clearance Case: What Docs Are Required to Clear Household Electric Appliances

Seahog, a Guangzhou customs broker, recently helped import a shipment with HEA and relevant accessories from Netherlands.  As below is the customs declaration sheet for it.
China customs declaration sheet for household electric goods
The required documents for handling customs clearance in China for imported HEA include packing list, invoice, sales contract, China Compulsory Certification and energy efficiency label.

In accordance with our countrys import requirements, most HEA shall provide China Compulsory Certification for customs clearance when being imported to China. This certificate normally shall be provided by the shipper/seller. When shipper/seller can not provide it, our company can be the agent to obtain exempt for China Compulsory Certification.

Household electric appliances (HEA), also known as domestic electric appliances, mainly refer to all kinds of electric appliance and electronic apparatus used in households and similar places.  HEA has become necessaries of modern family life as it helps create more comfortable living and working environment and colorful cultural and entertainment conditions for human being. Some of HEA used in our daily life are imported from other countries