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How Fast Customs Clearance at Guangzhou Airport Can be Done for Fresh Avocado?

China customs declaration sheet for avocado
Seahog s Guangzhou customs agent team recently helped clear a shipment with 10368kg of fresh avocado from Kenya at Guangzhou airport. The key for customs clearance of fresh avocado is fast . The declarations must be made to customs immediately the manifest info is available at customs system, and the inspection must be executed quickly and the customs release is highly needed soon after inspections done, and the delivery shall be arrange to the market seamlessly. Seahog Guangzhou team achieved how the fast is required for this shipment like all other fresh fruit shipments it handled before. We share the customs declaration sheet  
fresh avocado from kenya
Fresh avocado might carry various quarantine pests such as fruit fly, moths, scale insects and plant diseases, spot blight, for example, which once introduced will bring huge damage to our countrys agricultural production and ecological environment. Therefore, China customs imposes strict supervision over imported avocado to make sure they do not carry any pest or exceeding toxic and harmful substances. Only those fully meet out countrys quarantine requirements and food safety requirements are allowed to import. 

To keep avocados fresh, the clients usually will choose air freight. And the China customs brokers for fresh fruits imported by air must be stand-by 24 hours around. The preview for customs clearance paperwork is a must. The declarations must be initiated once the manifest info is available. The pick up and delivery must be arrange right away when the inspection done and shipment released. Normally within 4-5 hours all procedures must be done. 

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