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Batches of Imported Lubricant Oil Were Found Unqualified at Guangdong Ports

It was reported that, in the first half of 2014, lubricant oil  imported through guangdong ports had an obvious increase. In that period, Guangdong CIQ totally accepted and handled 1514 batches of imported lubricant oil. Therein, 6 batches, totally 114 tons, were found unqualified.  The unqualified detected rate increased sharply. Guangdong CIQ reminds consumer that not all imported lubricant oil is qualified.

Along with the domestic economy development and the improvement of peoples living standards, more and more families own private cars. And people are paying more attention to the maintenance of cars. More and more foreign lubricant oils thus enter China market and become a preferred choice of Chinese consumers.

But in Feb., Apr., and June of this year, when conducting inspection on lubricant oil from Malaysia and UAE at Zhongshan, Panyu, and Guangzhou port respectively, Guangdong CIQ found that these lubricant oil were not up to the requirements for standard gasoline engine oiland diesel engine oil when it came to pour point,  low temperature viscosity and some other viscosity-temperature  performance indexes.

Guangdong CIQ required the consignees to use these lubricant oil be degrading, and urged them to modified the packing and labels, so as to ensure the consumer safety and the driving safety of vehicles.