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How to Handle Customs Clearance for Books and Magazines in China

Seahog logistics provides import permit and import customs clearance in China for trading books, trading magazines, exhibition brochures, conference materials, print publications, books and magazines for donations.  
The import permit for books and magazines
 For shipment with more than 100 books/magazines, import permit from The administrative department of press and publication under the state council is a must.  For small shipment containing less than 100 books/magazines, import permit does not required. And we are able to provide import permit for companies that plan to import books and magazines with relatively large quantity into China . But we request clear photo of the magazine front cover, magazine back cover, and two or three inside pages. Please also indicate the name of publish house and author for reviewing and checking if the book contents are legal and not against relevant laws and regulations.

Import Tax Rate for books and magazines  
-4901990000/4902900000, with zero import duty, 11% value added tax  

The import flow of books and magazines  
-check with the customs broker in China to see if the content are ok to be imported
- apply for import permit or authorization
-arrange shipment
-customs clearance
-customs release