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Customs Clearance Procedures and Requirements For Importing Honey into China

Before export honey and honey products(royal jelly, bee pollen, and propolis) to China, it is suggested to check if the country of origin is listed in the food imports list. For example, honey of USA origin is allowed to export to China, but royal jelly and propolis made in USA is banned from export to China .  
Below is the full lists of the countries whose honey and/or honey products are allowed to enter China
Honey: Canada, USA, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Egypt, Brazil, Uruguay, Estonia, Austria, Bulgaria, Poland, Denmark, Germany, Russia, France, Romania, Portugue, Switzerland, Spain, Greece, Hungary, Italy, UK ,Kyrgyzstan, Burma, Japan, Thailand, Turkey, Indonisia, Taiwan
royal jelly : Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Germany, Italy
bee pollen: Australia, New Zealand, France, Spain, Italy, Taiwan,  
Propolis:  Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Uruguay, Germany, Spain, Japan, Taiwan
Honey or Honey products from countries not in the list can not be imported into China, while Honey or Honey products originated from listed countries are allowed to import to China as long as the required documents are provided.  

So what documents are required for China customs clearance of imported honey/honey products  
1.shipper and manufacturer registration number at CIQ
2.The business license of the consignee in China
3.Bill of lading/air way bill, invoice, sales contract, packing list  
4.Certificate of origin
5.Health certificate
6.Certificate of analysis
7.Bottling date certificate
8.Original labels and their Chinese translation

Basically, the customs clearance documentation for imported food are the same, except some special food products needs some specific materials. For example,  the importation of Manuka Honey which is quite popular in the market requires the test report of UMF content .

China¡¯s sanitary standards for honey are written in GB 14963. And China¡¯s definition for honey is the natural sweet substance fully brewed from mixture of bee¡¯s excretions and nectar, secretions and honeydew that bees gather from plants, which means honey recognized by our country is pure honey. And based on the plants from where  honey is gathered, honey is futher classified, such as acacia honey, litchi honey, and Chinese date honey. But some foreign honey is added with ingredients like Goji, truffle and is called goji honey, thuffle honey. Honey of these kinds does not fit our country¡¯s definition of honey and is banned from exporting into China.