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Shangdong Port Detected Forbidden Ingredient From Imported Cosmetics

Shangdong Weihai Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau(Hereinafter referred to as Weihai Bureau) recently destroyed a shipment containing 105 pieces of skin-use cosmetics imported from Korean. The involving value was 370 US dollars. During inspection, it was found that the label had forbidden ingredient  SELENIUM ASPARTATE on it. These cosmetics were thus judged as unqualified. This was the first time that Shangdong port detected prohibited ingredient from imported cosmetics.

It was found that the Chinese label, Chinese translation of original labels and the ingredient lists all show that the products were added with SELENIUM ASPARTATE. According to Sanitary Standards for Cosmetics(GB7916-1987) and Sanitary Norms for Cosmetics 2007, except selenium sulfide that is used in hair products, selenium and selenium compounds are forbidden substances for cosmetics.

Both selenium and selenium compounds are toxic. When direct contact with skin, they have stimulating effects on skin mucous membrane, and can enlarge blood capillaries and thus enhance their penetrability, and may cause contact dermatitis featured by red spots, blisters  or ulcer. Therefore our country has strict limit on these ingredients.

To ensure the safety of imported cosmetics and protect consumersí» health, Weihai Bureau suggest imported to strengthen self-check and risk control of imported cosmetics. Seahog, also suggests importers contact professional custom brokers in China to know more about the relevant regulations and standards before importation and pay extra attention to the ingredient of cosmetics to make sure they are up to our national standards.