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China Approval Procedures of Imported Cosmetics

For cosmetics that are imported into China for the first time, it requires to obtain approval from ministry of health, and provide below materials:

1.Application form of imported cosmetics health permit
2.Product ingredient list, and content of restricted substances
3.Product quality standards
4.Certificate that proves that the related products are allowed to produce and sales in production country and region. (photocopy will be ok )
5.Certificate that proves that the related products get registered and are allowed to sell in other countries or regions.  (photocopy will be ok )
6.Test report that used for getting approval production, registration, sales in production country/region or other countries/regions.
7.Formal sample of product label and manuals.
8.Product sample of complete package
9.Agency agreement, if you hire a agent to do application
10.Other materials that might be useful.

Ministry of Health hand over the submitted materials to Chinese Center For Disease Control And Prevention, which will complete the document examination and technical examination within two weeks.

The following produces is same as obtaining permit number for production of cosmetics.

Test time frame of ordinary cosmetics.
 Hair-care - 60 days
 Skin-care - 60 days
 Make-up - 60 days
 Nail care - 60 days
 Fragrance -60 days  

According to  REGULATI ONS CONCERNI NG THE HYGI ENE SUPER VI SI ON OVER COSMETI CS, when import cosmetics for the first time, the importing unit shall provide the specifications, quality standards, test methos and other related materials, and samples, and certificate that approves production in exporting country/region. When permit from health administration department of State Council is obtained, can import contract be signed.