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Shenzhen Destroyed Imported Overdue Fruit Juice From  Philippine

Shenzhen CIQ disclosed that a batch of unqualified  Philippine fruit juice imported from Shenzhen Bay port  was destroyed on June 12,  under the supervision of inspectors.

The destroyed imported fruit juice was bulk frozen  pineapple pulp  used as processing material of food production. The total quantity was 36 cartons, 2 tons, and with a value of 3,1000 HK dollars. During the on-field inspection, inspectors found that the production date on the package was Feb.28, 2014, and the shelf life was one year, which meant the pulp had exceeded the  shelf-life duration.

As a customs clearance agent in Shenzhen, Seahog reminds importers to pay attention to the production date and shelf life of the goods when placing order overseas. And consumers shall check if there is Chinese label when choosing imported food products and examine the production date, shelf life and other relevant informa